The Magic of Lapland

A thick layer of snow, which makes bending the trees, but above all ensure extremely entertaining. On the road with hungry huskies, hunting the northern lights and riding snowmobiles. What does a man want more? Swedish Lapland is located in the north of Sweden, bordering the neighboring countries Norway and Finland. The winters are long and dark. It can be really cold, with temperatures up to -30 ° C. But in summer the sun shines 24 hours and it can be 30 degrees above zero! This vast, unspoilt and almost empty part of the country has so much to offer. Both to those who come here for their well-deserved rest, and for those who seek adventure. In the summer you can fish for salmon and trout. White water rafting, canoeing and kayaking are popular.

Winter Wonderland

The huskies running ahead of me, left and right shooting snowy trees past us. I'm on a sled, protected my face against the icy cold by balaclavas and goggles, and cry out of happiness. The six dogs and I, we are the only life in this white landscape of Lapland ... at least, how it feels. What a backdrop. And what a force these animals have. When I encourage them, they shoot off and I have to hold well to prevent me from falling backwards. We glide uphill, the dogs look at me: "Do you also do anything?" It's a team effort, I learn later. They expect you to help them. I've seen quite and have done a lot, at various places in the world. Such a journey certainly is one of your most adventurous experiences.